Interest Survey for Prom on Mackinac Island

Interest Survey for Prom on Mackinac Island

We are looking at possibly having a prom for students in grades 9-12 at Grand Hotel on Saturday, May 13th. We have been invited by Mackinac Island Public Schools along with Grand Marais.
It would be about $85 per student for the ticket, which will include dinner and a night of music/dancing. ($170 per couple) Grand Hotel will waive the rental fee of the room. With permission, students would be allowed to invite another student from a different district (1 invite per student). The student's school principal would have to sign off on the permission form.

This event will be chaperoned by a few MIPS staff members and Mr. Gross.

This will be a formal event and will follow Grand Hotel dress requirements. Before we do any additional planning, we would like to get some feedback from students and parents. Please answer the 3 questions below.

Transportation to and from the ferry will be the responsibility of the parents.
This is NOT an overnight trip.

Thanks! Mr. Gross
This survey does NOT guarantee we will go. This is an interest survey.
1.Please check the box that best describes how you feel about having Prom at Grand Hotel on May 13th. (Mark all that apply)
2.What is your first and last name?