You, as a Viewer (Plus Two)

Because I can only have 10 questions at a time in the free version of these surveys, I had to put this in two parts!
This is PART TWO.

This part of the survey has 8 questions related to you as a member of my viewing audience.
Then, I wanted to throw in two more questions that I'm interested in, to make it an even ten!

Thanks so much, and if you haven't, please fill out Part One of this survey (I'll link both of them everywhere that I share this, so they should be easy to find), which is some basic audience demographics. =)

* 1. How long have you been watching my videos?

* 2. Are you subscribed to my channel? (You may want to double-check; sometimes people get accidentally unsubscribed and we don't really know why...)

* 3. Why did you START regularly watching/subscribe to my channel, cutewitch772?

* 4. Why do you continue to watch/stay subscribed? What content to do enjoy now? (Select all that apply)

* 5. If you've seen them, how do you feel about the slightly more political topics? I've posted some random ones here & there in the past, but there have been more lately. (Choose the answer that comes closest to describing how you feel.)

* 6. Do you also watch the collab channel, PaganPerspective?

* 7. Which of my other online platforms do you read, watch, or follow? (Check all that apply)

* 8. Do you sponsor my videos on Patreon?

* 9. Do you have children? (In this case, human children, not furbabies!)

* 10. What are your dietary choices like?