* 1. COD ID#

* 2. What city do you consider home?

* 3. How satisfied are you with the level of counseling services you received?

  Please respond to this question.
Very Satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Very Dissatisfied

* 4. How satisfied are you with the availability of your counselors to meet your needs?

* 5. Please rate the importance of the following services that TRIO offers.

  Not Important Neutral Important Very Important
Priority Registration
Individual Counseling
Targeted help in classes
Weekly Email Informational Blasts
Transfer and financial aid assistance
College visits
Community Service opportunities
Motivational speakers
Academic Honors Recognitions

* 6. How familiar are you with the following programs or tools?

  Not Familiar at all Somewhat familiar Familiar Very Familiar
Using the IGETC and CSU transfer sheet for Gen. ed. planning
Graduation requirements
Scholarship applications
UC TAG agreement
Online Workshops
TRIO COD Website
Personal statement writing
Resume writing

* 7. For those that have attended the Friday workshops, how helpful has the one-on-one tutoring been?

* 8. Do you think TRIO has given you opportunities in college that you otherwise would not have had?

* 9. Do you feel that the TRIO program services increse your chance of success in college?

* 10. Please let us know what we are doing well and what we can do better. Your response guides activities for this year. Thank you for your time.