* 1. Please indicate your age group: 

* 2. Select your gender:

* 3. Please indicate what Deanery in the Diocese of Hamilton you belong to: 

* 4. What is your current Vocation? Please select one of the following choices:

* 5. What is your current profession? Please select one:

* 6. What are your safe places to talk about and express your faith?

* 7. In which environments and/or with whom do you struggle with the most tension regarding faith and/or faith issues?

* 8. As a young person, which secular issues do you find tension and/or struggle with in today’s world?

* 9. What are your primary practices of worship and/or faith formation?  What feeds your soul?

* 10. Who supports you in your faith journey?

* 11. Do you feel, as a young person, that you have sufficient opportunities to grow in your faith within your local Catholic community?

* 12. Vocation Question # 1
Do you feel called to priesthood or religious life in the Church?

* 13. Vocation Question # 2:
If not priesthood or religious life, is there another version of life in the Church to which you feel called?

* 14. What do you want the universal church to know about you as a young person in the Church and your journey towards God?

* 15. What can the Catholic Community of the Diocese of Hamilton offer you to help in your spiritual and vocational development?

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