* 1. Overall how would you rate your level of satisfaction with the communication from the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association?

* 2. Does the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association provide you with too much, too little or just enough information?

* 3. I prefer to receive communications from the Association:

* 4. How often do you read the following communications from the Association?

  I read it from start to finish I read several of the articles and skim the rest I skim most of the articles and occasionally read one I never read it I don't know what this is
Membership Mailings via Postal Mail
Rolling Along (Quarterly Magazine)
ND Trucking This Week (Weekly eNewsletter)
Legislative Update (Weekly eNewsletter during Legislative Session)

* 5. What is your opinion of the content offered in the following communications?

  Very Satisfied Generally Satisfied Very Dissatisfied
Rolling Along(Quarterly Magazine)
ND Trucking This Week (Weekly eNewsletter)

* 6. What other content would you like to see in Rolling Along or the eNews Update?

* 7. How often do you visit the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association website?

* 8. If you were to run the Association how would you rank the following areas?

* 9. I feel that there is opportunity to get involved with the Association and have my voice heard.

* 10. Are you interested in volunteering for any of the following?

* 11. I feel the dues structure of the Association is appropriate.

* 12. I feel the Association does a good job promoting its accomplishments and opportunities.

* 13. I feel I receive a benefit greater than my investment in membership dues with the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association.

* 14. What would you like to see NDMCA do more of:

* 15. What should NDMCA be focusing on in the next five years?

* 16. I feel the Association gets the job done with the North Dakota Legislature for the industry.

* 17. I feel the Association focuses too much on public policy issues.

* 18. I feel it is important for the Association to focus more on public policy efforts on a Federal level.

* 19. What is your level of awareness that NDMCA is available to assist in facilitating meetings with state officials?

* 20. What issues would you like to see NDMCA take up in the future?

* 21. If you have ordered forms on-line from NDMCA, please rank your satisfaction.

* 22. Please rate your level of awareness of the following program, products and services offered by the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association.

  Aware and we participate Aware, but never investigated the benefits Aware, but don't see the benefit Aware, but we have no need for the program I was not aware this was offered by NDMCA
Discounted J.J. Keller Form Sales
Transport Topics Subscription Discount
Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Group
Truck Driving Championship
UPS Air Service Rate Discounts
Sam's Club Gift Card Renewal
NDMCA Annual Convention
Scholarship Golf Tournament
Safety & Compliance Seminars
No Zone Program

* 23. I would like to see NDMCA add new business services

* 24. I am happy with the number and variety of training and seminars conducted by NDMCA.

* 25. What programs, products, services or training topics would you like to see NDMCA offer?

* 26. The North Dakota Motor Carriers Association recently started the NDMCA Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization to provide scholarships to students affiliated with member companies. How interested are you or your comapny in making a tax deducable dontation for scholarships?

* 27. In 2016 the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association started a Zo-Zone Educational Program. How willing are you or your company to volunteer or support this program?

* 28. Which of the following best describes your role within your organization.

* 29. How many years has your business been a member of the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association?

* 30. How many people does your business employ?

* 31. What industry segment do you belong to?

* 32. Number of Power Units

* 33. Total Number of Miles reported on last MCS-150