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To partner with NDL Industries via EDI, please fill out the following short survey.

Someone from our team will reach out to your internal IT contact within 1-2 business days of receiving the survey to start setting up EDI.
Document Descriptions
  • 850 - Purchase Order: a digital version of your purchase order; taken from your system, translated by EDI and directly submitted to our system.
  • 855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgement: an order confirmation which can be used to verify that the order entered into our system matches your original PO.
  • 860 - Purchase Order Change Request: a document that allows your company or NDL to request changes to a PO after it's been sent; this allows you to add/remove items from a PO after it's been submitted directly via EDI. This also allows NDL to request changes based on box quantities or minimum order quantities.
  • 865 - Ship Notice/Manifest: a notice that your shipment has been dispatched which can include a packing list and/or tracking number.
  • 810 - Invoice: a digital version of your invoice; taken from our system, translated by EDI and directly submitted to your system.

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