Introduction:  We are seeking the community’s feedback on important challenges and opportunities that you believe need to be addressed by Carbondale’s next Chief of Police.  This feedback will be reviewed by City staff and the search committee that is assisting with the Chief of Police Search. The team will evaluate the recommendations and integrate key findings into the recruitment packet. Your suggestions can help define key skills and attributes that the community feels are important for the next Chief of Police to possess in order to be successful.

Your comments are confidential and will not be identified by name to anyone.  We will compile all of the comments and make them available for general review, but no one’s individual comments will be identified by name. 

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* 1. Please rank the issues facing the Carbondale Police department as most important challenges and/or opportunities the new Chief of Police will need to address during the first two or three years in office. These suggestions can relate to either the internal organization or externally to the community at large. 

(1= most important and 5= least important)

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* 2. Please identify one (1) additional issue or concern that you would like for the new Chief of Police to address in the first few years in office.

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* 3. What leadership qualities and characteristics are most important for Carbondale to look for in a new Police Chief?

  Personal Integrity Experience in a similar city  Community leadership qualities  Able to take command in emergency situations  A good listener  A strong leader/commander  Thorough knowledge of Carbondale and Illinois laws 
Extremely Important  
Very Important 
Somewhat Important 
Not So Important 

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* 4. What can you and others in your community do to help realize the vision of "Policing in Partnership with the Community"?

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