Any Baby is passionate about improving the waiting room experience for your patients, many of whom may be expectant parents or accompanying their children. We are developing a tablet device that will create a better doctor-patient experience – designed to keep younger patients (aged 2-16 years) engaged in this increasingly digital world.

Our device, the BabyPad (Trademark registration pending), is a child-friendly digital device that’s incredibly intuitive and fun to use. The BabyPad tablet will operate our BabyPad App, which is being created by our team of expert medical and technology professionals. We think children and adults alike will love it! Say goodbye to that raggedy stack of Home and Garden, and in with the BabyPad: keeping your patients informed, entertained and happy while they wait to see you.

To better guide product development and prioritise the features for your needs, could you please fill out this short survey?

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* 1. How important is it for families waiting to be seen to be kept happy and entertained?

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* 2. In your experience, what is the best way of entertaining children (2-16 years old) whilst waiting for an appointment?

  Strongly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Strongly agree
Fun and engaging games on a tablet
Reading books
Colouring in activities

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* 3. If there was a product that provided the following functions to patients in your waiting room, how interested would you be?

  Very disinterested Somewhat disinterested Somewhat interested Very interested
Health information on common children's health topics (eg. constipation, food allergy, sleep etc)
Games on a tablet device for children to keep them entertained while they wait
Ability for patients to book future appointments
Marketing material for your practice and its services
Alert / Beeper function to notify patients when their clinician is ready for them.

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* 4. How much per month would this service be worth to your practice (inclusive of all hardware, software, content and infrastructure)?

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* 5. Thanks for completing our short survey.
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