The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the United Nations Environment Programme’s Halons Technical Options Committee (HTOC) seek to improve the estimation of civil aviation halon emissions data. The questionnaire below is intended to elicit responses from service providers within Member States concerning existing companies providing servicing and/or repair of aviation halon 1301 systems/cylinders. 

Responses to the questionnaire will be analysed to determine the current and projected future quantities of halon installed in civil aviation fire protection systems, the associated uses and releases of halon from those systems and any potential courses of action to minimize unnecessary halon emissions and to ensure the better management and preservation of existing halon reserves that civil aviation could take to reduce those uses and releases.

The questionnaire will be filled out in electronic form at Questions 1 – 7 are mandatory. Please answer by checking the “Yes” or “No” boxes, as appropriate, and provide additional information where requested. Questions 8-11 are optional, however your responses to these questions will be highly appreciated.  

Please note that responses to the questionnaire will be treated as confidential and will only be disclosed in aggregated form. Thank you for your participation.

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* 1. Name of State or Country where facility is located

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* 2. Contact details of organization completing the survey

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* 3. Does your facility perform the service and/or repair of aviation halon 1301 systems/cylinders?