Employee Personnel File - Collective Bargaining Agreement Articles 10 & 11

This survey is intended for your CSUEU representatives to determine if the campus is in compliance with contract articles pertaining to your official Personnel File.
In accordance with Article 11.1 each employee has only one (1) official Personnel File that is maintained in the campus Human Resources Department. We highly recommend each employee request an appointment to view his/her official Personnel File periodically to ensure current versions of Position Descriptions, Performance Evaluations, and other employee documents are contained therein, AND to view any documents contained in the file that the employee may not be aware of.

* 1. Have you ever requested access to veiw your official Personnel File?

* 2. If you have reviewed your official Personnel File, were ALL relevant documents contained therein and did they date back to the beginning of your employment at CSU, Chico? (Position Descriptions, Performance Evaluations, Staff Action Forms, IRP Requests, Classification Review Requests)

* 3. Were there documents in your official Personnel File that you were unaware of?

* 4. Do you feel any of the documents contained in your official Personnel File requre rebuttal?

* 5. Please include any concerns or questions we have not addressed here: