Understanding the DFARS 7012 regulation impacts

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Survey Purpose:
The NDIA is assembling information about the Defense Industrial Base, to better understand current and potential future impacts of the DFARS 252 - 204. 7012 cybersecurity standards to the DIB. You can take this survey even if you are not currently a NDIA member. For more information about the DFARS 7012 regulations, please see the NIST website.

How Information Is Used:
All responses are anonymous. We have no way to collect or retain individually-identifiable information about responses. Information is sought in order to be aggregated into company size and regional cohorts.

What Will Happen To the Information:
NDIA will assemble (aggregate) all survey answers, and analyze the responses. The information gathered from survey analysis will be presented in research papers published by the NDIA, which will be publicly-available and free. Analyzed survey responses, aggregated by region, may be provided to regional NDIA chapters to assist them in providing services focused to their members' needs. 

Survey Instructions:
1) Please answer each question in turn. If, for some reason, you do not wish to answer a specific question, you can move on to the next question. 
2) You can opt-out of this survey at any time, for any reason. 
3) The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Questions/comments about the survey:
1) The final question of the survey is a comments field in which you can enter any thoughts/comments you would like to share, and unless you identify yourself, they will be submitted anonymously.
2) If you have questions/comments about the survey please contact the survey's Principal Investigators:
Principal Investigator, Dr. Tony Lopez, TLopez@IndusTechnology.com
Co-Principal Investigator, Larisa Breton, Larisa@FullCircleStrategicSolutions.com
NDIA HQ Contact, Corbin Evans, CEvans@NDIA.org
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