SkillsActive and The National Skills Academy (NSA) have been approving and endorsing training providers on behalf of the industry for a number of years.

Whilst we have both been providing a quality driven process designed by and for industry, SkillsActive and the NSA understands that having consulted with the Fitness Industry Association Forum and other sub sector industry panels that a single endorsement service with additional benefits would suit the needs of industry and employers better.

The Skills Protocol Employer Leadership Group (SPELG) a group of leading sector employers, have stated that there should be a single qualification structure for the industry, with a single system of endorsement that covers all levels up to Higher Education provision. Information on SPELG and the Protocol can be found at SPELG Report

As a result SkillsActive and the NSA would like to open this out to our industry private training providers and learning providers about how we can better support your training provision along with providing you with a fit for purpose single endorsement service that suit your needs.

SkillsActive & the NSA would like to simplify the process and we would appreciate your comments on how the new endorsement offer should look.

Both the NSA and SkillsActive would like to create a real partnership that will drive quality and facilitate innovation in training so that we can support the industry's growth and development.

We encourage all those interested to answer a few short questions that will help us provide the service you need in our initial stages of integrating the NSA and SkillsActive.

Please note it is our proposal that the current contracts with the NSA and SkillsActive continue until the agreed expiry date.

SkillsActive’s new single endorsement offer will be presented to the industry from October 2011.

Should you have any questions about the questionnaire please contact:

DDI: 0207 632 2009
Mobile: 07802 464 192