1. UN Millenium Goals

The questions in this section all pertain to your knowledge about issues related to world hunger.

* 1. Last Name

* 2. First Name

* 3. Grade Level

* 4. Please rate your knowledge of the statements below.

  I know nothing at all about this I know a lot about this
I know the U. N. Millennium Development Goals.
I know the causes of poverty in the world.
I know that poverty is more prevalent within certain ethnic groups.
I know specific organizations dedicated to eradicating poverty and hunger in the world.
I can name organizations in NYC that encourage efforts to eradicate hunger and poverty.
I know that ending world hunger is beyond one person’s efforts.
I know which borough in NYC has the highest rate of poverty.
I know the names of authors and artists across the centuries and continents that have addressed and continue to address the social problems of poverty and hunger in their work.
I can name local artists and authors in NYC who address the social problems of poverty and hunger in their work.
I know the effect that poverty has on population shifts.
I know the proportion of single households headed by women that fall below the poverty line.
I know historical moments throughout history when countries have suffered famine.
I know which countries throughout the world that are the most impoverished.
I am aware of the effects of bio-fuels production on the food shortage crisis.
I know about Bread for the World.
I know about Catholic Relief Services.
I know about Jesuit Refugee Services.
I know about Kids Can Make a Difference.
I know about New York Cares.
I know about Oxfam.
I know about U.N. Partnership for Global Justice.
I know about the organization called Network.

* 5. Please indicate below if you have participated in any organizations or activities that involve improving the lives of those suffering from poverty or hunger during this current school year (September to June, 2012-2013).

Using a scale of 0 - 10 + hours, indicate the APPROXIMATE number of hours you volunteered with the organization or the volunteer agency.

  None 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours 5 hours 6 hours 7 hours 8 hours 9 hours 10 or more hours
Volunteered in a soup kitchen or worked hands-on to feed the hungry
Learned the structure of the United Nations
Volunteered with organizations that care for the homeless
Participated in programs supporting the U.N. Millennium Development Goals
Wrote letters to state senators or congressmen or women to solicit their help fighting the causes of poverty and hunger

* 6. If you answered "Other" (the last question in the previous section), please indicate the organization or activity that you participated in.

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