* 1. Which Career Services staff member did you meet with?

* 2. Are you currently enrolled as a student?

* 3. Are you a community member?

* 4. Are you aware of the different types of career interest?

* 5. Do you understand the meaning of your career interest?

* 6. Do you feel you have the tools needed to identify or choose a career path or major?

* 7. Have you identified at least one career path or major?

* 8. Do you recognize how your interest compliment and/or agree with your career path?

* 9. Do you understand the familiarity of your personal theme code (RAISEC)?

* 10. After your visit, do you feel more driven to pursue your career/education goal?

* 11. How satisfied are you with your visit to Career Services Center?

* 12. How likely is it that you would recommend Career Services to a friend or

* 13. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?