Welcome to our Inaugural Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic Pick'Em Contest!  For our Australian newcomers, we'd like to extend a warm welcome and thank you! We hope you enjoy this as it makes the racing just a little more enjoyable! 
Australian winner receives a Team Dirt Dog Tshirt courtesy of Mcfarlane Motorsports
American winner receives a tshirt from the R and R Racewear list
Overall winner receives a 2015 Kyle Larson 1/24 scale iecast from Hoolagators
* You will select a series of drivers for the entire event, six in all.  The selections will come from three tiers, you select two from each tier on the following pages. To give yourself the best chance of winning, please answer all questions. On the final page, there will be two tiebreaker questions, followed by a prompt for you to add an email address so we can contact you if you won a prize. Your email is completely confidential and we don't bulk email anybody so no worries.
*And please remember to answer every question, if you expect to win anyway! So good luck, have fun and if you're attending enjoy it!