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* 1. Name:

* 2. Academy Member Number

* 3. Email

* 4. ACEND - When are programs expected to come into compliance with the 2017 Standards?

* 5. ACEND - The rating scale used by program reviewers during the site visit will change for the 2017 Standards.  What are the rating options for the new rating scale?

* 6. ACEND - The revised draft of the Future Education Model Accreditation Standards for the Master Degree Program indicate that the program director qualifications include which of the following:

* 7. ACEND - As compared to the first draft of the Future Education Model Accreditation Standards for the Associate, Bachelor and Master Degree Programs, the number of competencies and performance indicators in the revised draft were:

* 8. CDR - What is the maximum number of continuing professional education credits CDR will award for precepting or leadership activities annually, effective June 2017?

* 9. CDR - Effective January 1, 2024, CDR will require a graduate degree for registration eligibility. Which of the following statements is correct?

* 10. CFP - The role of the Council on Future Practice is to:

* 11. CFP - Work of the Council on Future Practice of particular interest to educators and preceptors includes:

* 12. BOD - DPBRN stands for:

* 13. BOD - Which of following is NOT an Opportunity Area identified for our Second Century?