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1. Introduction

Dear Sir/Madam,

G3ict is planning to hold a webinar series through its Digital Accessibility Rights Education Academy. This webinar series will provide an online platform to provide peer-to-peer training and knowledge sharing on issues of digital accessibility and inclusive ICT for advocates, policymakers, private sector, and interested stakeholders, particularly Persons with Disabilities and their organizations. In addition, this series of webinars will contribute to documenting countries’ digital accessibility and inclusive ICT best practices for ensuring the availability of a reliable source of educational references and awareness-raising tools regarding digital accessibility and inclusive ICT best practices.

G3ict is now inviting you to complete this short follow-up questionnaire.  The essential goal of this questionnaire is to ensure that the webinar series would meet your expectations, respond to your interests regarding issues of digital inclusion, and provide you with real opportunity of participation in the discussions or any follow-up activities.

To further learn about the DARE Index 2020 and its results, please visit the webpage

Should you need any clarifications or have any inquiries regarding the DARE Academy Webinar Series or the content of this questionnaire specifically, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately at

We very much look forward to hearing from you soon, and many thanks in advance for your time and for your effort to answer this questionnaire.

G3ict Advocacy Team
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