The Northern Lee Mills planning project seeks to gain community input in the future plan for the mills in Lee and Lenoxdale: Niagra Mill, Columbia Mill, Greylock Mill and Eagle Mill. The project is funded through a competitive E.P.A. grant program. The intended, final product is a plan that the community can use to guide future development, to create future sites and activities at and around the mills that serve all community members and help achieve the development and land use goals of the community.

A large component of the Lee Northern Mills planning project is public input. In August, BRPC held a visioning event as one opportunity to provide input. This survey is another opportunity for community members to express their ideas and vision. It's not the last chance! There will be more opportunities for public input.

This project is a partnership between the Town of Lee and the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission.

If you have questions about the project or the survey, please contact Melissa Provencher at or (413) 442-1521 x 22.

The map below shows the project area, which includes the four former mills and the neighborhoods and lands surrounding them. Please let us know more about what you think should happen to reuse these sites and what should happen in and around them to revitalize the whole area.

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