1. Student Senate Appropriations Committee Application

Seven students are selected each year to serve on the Student Senate Appropriations Committee. This group is charged with allocating funds to Student Organizations as part of the overall Student Life Fund process. The SSAC meets weekly to hear requests, review the merit of those requests, and determine allocations.

Currently registered full-time student at GVSU
2.0+ cumulative gpa
Involved in at least one Registered Student Organization

Applications are accepted and reviewed until all positions are filled. Contact the VP of Finance at ssac@gvsu.edu or the Student Senate Financial Advisor at burkemi@gvsu.edu for more information.

* 1. First Name:

* 2. Middle Initial:

* 3. Last Name:

* 4. G Number

* 5. E-mail

* 6. Contact Phone Number

* 7. Anticipated Graduation Date (Month/Year):

* 8. Major(s)

* 9. Minor(s)