Sierra Club OLT 101 & Basic First Aid Registration

We are excited that you will be attending the Sierra Club's Outdoor Leadership and First Aid training at the Chapel Hill Public Library on October 5th (9am-5pm)! Please arrive early to sign in and receive your training materials. Doors will be open at 8:30. Outdoor Leadership will be taught from 9am-1pm. This will satisfy the Outdoor Leadership Training (OLT)101 requirement to become a Sierra Club Outings Leader. Heartsaver First Aid will be taught by Durham Technical Community College Instructors from 1-5pm. This will satisfy the basic first aid requirement to become a Sierra Club Outings Leader. There is a $44 charge ($35 class fee plus $9 class book) for attending the first aid portion. Register for one or both portions of our training by completing the information below.

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* 6. Have you participated on a Sierra Club Outing before?

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* 9. Please check off all outdoor activities you are interested in leading:

* 10. Please list technical skill areas (i.e. kayaking, mountaineering, backcountry chef, bicycle repair, etc) in which you feel you are competent:

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* 12. What is your level of First Aid certification?

* 13. If you have first aid training, what is the expiration date of your certification?

* 14. Are you a Sierra Club member?

* 15. Are you currently, or have you been, an outdoor leader for another organization?

* 16. Please use this space for any comments/questions you may have. One of our Sierra Club training organizers will be in touch with you soon!

Please click "Done" (under the map below) to complete your registration. THANK YOU FOR SIGNING UP! We are looking forward to seeing you on October 5th! Library doors open at 8:30am.

The Chapel Hill Public Library is located at 100 Library Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

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