One of the work packages in EU-PolarNet is ‘Infrastructures, Facilities, and Data’, and this work package will provide data management recommendations for polar research data systems and infrastructures. This survey will provide an overview of the legal, regulatory and, if possible, contractual rules that currently frame access to the data.

* 1. Do you have a formal data policy?

* 2. Does the INSPIRE directive ( apply to your data?

* 3. Does the "Open Data" directive ( apply to your data?

* 4. Does the Aarhus Convention ( apply to your data?

* 5. Does other national or international regulation frame the access to your data?

* 6. Does any contractual arrangement frame the access to your data?

* 7. Have you identified possible conflicts between the various regulations and arrangements that define the rights for accessing your data?

* 8. What is your country or organisation?

* 9. What is your email address?