2017/18 Community Needs Assessment Survey

The purpose of this survey is to collect information and opinions on the current needs of Head Start eligible children and families in the NCS service are of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. 
The information gathered will be used by the Agency management team, Board of Directors, and Policy Council to inform decisions about program plans and operations.  

* 1. What role do you play in the Northcoast Children's Services Community?

* 2. Which of our NCS communities do you live/work  closest to?

* 3. What do you think are our community's most common problems?

  Not a Problem  Somewhat a Problem  Problem  Serious Problem  Very Serious Problem 
Access to Healthy Food 
Affordable Housing 
Education and Literacy Levels
Job Availability 
Physical Health / Availability of Health Care
Dental Health / Availability of Dental Care
Mental Health / Availability of Mental Health Care
Availability of Child Care/Child Development Programs
Social - Emotional Development of Children
Family Violence 
Child Abuse 
Alcohol & Drug Use 
Neighborhood Safety

* 4. What changes related to the needs and resources available for young children and families have you observed in your community in the last 5 years?

* 5. How much do you know about the resources available to help families in our community?

* 6. Rate how easy you think it is to access resources to help families in your community. 

* 7. Do you think the resources currently available in your community meet the needs of families?

  Yes Somewhat  No I Don't Know 
Adult Education 
ESL Classes 
Job Training 
Health Care 
Dental Care 
Mental Health Care
Child Care / Child Development Programs
Social Emotional Development Programs/Support
Services for Children with Disabilities 
Parenting Education/Support 
Family Violence Prevention/ Intervention 
Child Abuse Prevention/Intervention 
Alcohol & Drug Treatment Services 
Budgeting/ Financial Literacy Resources

* 8. What additional resources do you think are needed in our community?

* 9. What do you think are our community's greatest strengths?

* 10. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?