We want to know what you think about your experience at your National Cadet Special Activity. The activity staff will use your assessment and comments to improve this activity in future years.  In addition, Cadet Programs reviews the critiques to improve processes managed at National Headquarters.  Your anonymous entry will allow us to maintain a vibrant offering of special activities. Thank you for taking time to complete this survey.

* 2. The application process for National Cadet Special Activities was user-friendly.

* 3. Paying for this activity was easy to accomplish.

* 4. Did you receive a scholarship to attend this activity?

* 5. If you did receive a scholarship, what was the source? Check all that apply.

* 6. Please write any recommendations you have for improving the application and registration process.

* 7. The welcome kit/information provided by the activity staff prepared me for success at the activity.

* 8. I was aware of the overall educational goal for the activity.

* 9. Did you know what was required in order to graduate and receive NCSA credit?

* 10. I learned about leadership.

* 11. I learned about aerospace (aviation, space, science, and/or technology).

* 12. I am more aware of opportunities in career fields associated with the activity I attended.

* 13. I am more likely to pursue a military career after having attended this activity.

* 14. I participated in some engaging tours and hands-on learning.

* 15. My fellow cadets were supportive.

* 16. The senior members on staff were approachable and willing to help.

* 17. In your opinion, was the activity well organized?

* 18. If you answered no to question 15, why do you think the course was unorganized?

* 19. The activity challenged me.

* 20. Overall, the top 3 things I liked best about this activity were . . .

* 21. If I were in charge, I would improve the activity by . . .

* 22. Overall, I had fun at this activity.

* 23. How likely are you to recommend this activity to another cadet?

* 24. How would you describe this activity to that cadet?

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