1. Introduction

North Yorkshire County Council, local Health organisations and the National Autistic Society are currently working together to develop a joint Adult Autism Strategy for North Yorkshire. North Yorkshire County Council has commissioned the National Autistic Society to carry out this survey to gather the views of people who live in North Yorkshire who are affected by autism.

With the passing of the Autism Act (2009) and the publication of the national adult autism strategy, ‘Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives: the strategy for adults with autism in England’, improving the lives of adults with autism in North Yorkshire is a priority. The national strategy focuses on five areas

 increasing awareness and understanding of autism among frontline professionals

 developing a clear, consistent pathway for diagnosis in every area, which is followed by the offer of a personalised needs assessment

 improving access to the services and support which adults with autism need to live independently within the community

 helping adults with autism into work

 enabling local partners to plan and develop appropriate services for adults with autism to meet identified needs and priorities.

We want to find out your views and opinions on these areas.

We are asking young adults in transition who have autism (age 14 years and upwards), adults with autism and family members and carers of people with autism for their views and opinions. This survey does not cover City of York residents.

It’s really important that we hear from as many people affected by autism as possible. The findings from this survey will be used to inform work to develop a joint countywide strategy for adults with autism in North Yorkshire. The draft of this strategy will be published next year for public consultation.

In line with the national autism strategy we have used the word autism in this survey as an umbrella term to include all conditions on the autistic spectrum. These include autism, autistic spectrum disorder, autistic spectrum condition, Kanner’s syndrome, Asperger syndrome, high functioning autism, Rett Syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), and neuro-diversity.

The survey has 2 sections. The first section is for everyone to complete, it has 45 questions. It should take you approximately 15 – 20 minutes. The second section is an additional section for family members or carers of people with autism to complete, and has 10 questions, it should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Your answers are anonymous, and names and other indentifying information will not be linked to quotes or other data provided. However, if you are happy for us to contact you again, please enter your contact details in the form at the end of this survey.

The deadline for responding to this survey is Monday 7th January 2013.

If you would like further information about this project, please contact Anna Taylor, NAS Development Officer, North by calling 07436 371190 or emailing anna.taylor@nas.org.uk