Thanks for your interest in becoming a vendor at the Canteen's 2019 holiday market!

We're gearing up our 5th annual holiday market -- and we're excited to start adding vendors to the roster!

This year, we are expecting to receive far more vendor applications than we have spots to fill. So please read the information below and fill out the form to the best of your ability so we can best determine if and how we can fit you into the mix this year!

First things first, here's some helpful information we'd like to share with all potential vendors this year:

-The mission of the Canteen holiday market is: to create a holiday marketplace in the best bohemian tradition of Provincetown that offers residents and visitors alike a place to gather, warm up, eat, shop and have fun. We do this with the intention of fostering a sense of community, warmth, togetherness, and holiday spirit between everyone who works at and visits the market.  

-This year, the market will run on Saturdays and Sundays from Thanksgiving weekend until New Years weekend. (Specific dates are detailed below.) 

-The market opens at 11 am each day. Vendors are expected to be set up by the time we open and are expected to stay open until 5pm. (But you can stay later if you'd like!!)
-This year, we will pre-charge vendors $5 for each day they will participate. This fee will go directly toward splitting the cost with the Canteen to pay someone to "bark" on Commercial Street when the market is open. This position will ultimately help everyone increase their chance of sales.
- We will give first priority to vendors who are able to sign up for both the traditionally busy weekends AND the less busy weekends. 

- Vendor booths are 4ft wide x 4 ft deep with a solid back wall, a solid roof and a front opening. Display areas are composed of: a) The 4 ft wide back wall where you can nail, paint, or screw hooks to hold your items. b) A 4ft long by 18 inches wide wooden awning/flap over your window, where you can pin, nail, screw any items that can hang down. c) A 4ft long x 2+Ft wide display table area - at waist level to put items on. 

- The booths include some lighting and some power outlets to share.
- Vendors are encouraged to personalize/decorate booths. You are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather and may use a small gas heater. (No electric heaters.)

- Each day, the Canteen will provide each vendor with tickets for 3 hot drinks (we serve coffee, mulled cider, hot chocolate, etc) and will buy vendors any beverage of their choice at 5 pm - right on time for cocktail hour - with the hope that the vendors will get to spend some time together at the market. 

Other things: 

- The market is open in all weather unless major storms/winds/etc. We do not close due to snow or coldness. We will be in contact before every weekend to confirm attendance and communicate the morning of in the case of foul weather.  

- Our space is limited. We will try to fit as many vendors as we can by rotating different vendors throughout the span of the market. 

That's it for now! Please answer the questions below. If you have any other questions you can email Thanks again for your interest in joining us this holiday season!!!