1. 9/13/2016 NDI Guidance Document

NCN Webinar: A Discussion on the New Draft Guidance for new dietary ingredients notifications.  Tuesday September 13, 2016, 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific:

An NCN-hosted free webinar on September 13, 2016, 1pm Eastern Time featuring Todd Harrison, Chair of the FDA Practice at Venable LLP.
Designed for developers and marketers of ingredients for food and supplements and branded products and their investors and partners, Harrison provides high-level perspective on how New Dietary Ingredients notifications (NDI) are evolving, and offers details on specific ingredients as examples.

Participants will gain valubale perspective on what regulatory angles they need to be aware of and possible avenues of market opportunity from one of the nation's foremost teams of nutrition industry legal experts.

Nutrition Capital Network continues its series on overcoming business challenges in the nutrition and health & wellness industry with a webinar presentation on the new draft guidance for new dietary ingredient notifications lead by Todd Harrison, followed by a discussion facilitated by NCN and involving questions emailed or posted by participants.

Participants will receive a log-in link via email approximately 2 days prior to the call.

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