Project Introduction & Purpose

Dear Faculty:

The National Center for Mobility Management, NCMM, funded by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), seeks to understand what future transportation professionals are learning about disability, accessibility, and mobility management topics. This is not intended to be an evaluation or an assessment of what you are or are not teaching, rather, its our work to develop an understanding of what is already being done to prepare our future transportation professionals with the content they need to respond to the mobility needs of broad audiences. Thank you in advance for our feedback. For questions, please contact, Judy Shanley, Ph.D., Asst. VP, Education & Youth Transition, Easterseals and Easterseals Director, NCMM.

Project Intent: To understand what future transportation professionals are learning in preservice or graduate preparation programs regarding accessibility, disability, mobility management, and disability-related legislation and policy. We hope to use what we learn to develop support materials for faculty to include in their teaching programs.

We are also interested in learning about the strategies your university uses to recruit and retain students with disabilities into your preparation program. 

Project Outcome: To identify content and resources that can be shared with higher education programs to facilitate their focus on disability and accessibility topics for future transportation professionals.

Please provide your feedback by January 14th, 2021.

Question Title

* 1. Tell us about Your Higher Education Program

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* 2. Describe How you Include the Following Topics in your Coursework

  Classroom Instruction Practical or Field Experience Collaboration with other College/University Departments and Faculty Additional Ways that Content is Addressed Content is not Addressed in our Program
Historical Trends in Disability & Transportation
Implications of Disability and an Individual's Access to Transportation Services
Federal Policies and Legislation (ADA) that Relate to the Provision of Transportation Services to Individuals with Disabilities
Mobility Management and How It Supports Services for Individuals with Disabilities
Human Service Transportation Coordination Plans and Requirements
Federal Efforts to Improve Transportation Coordination such as the Coordination Council on Access and Mobility (CCAM)
ADA Paratransit Services – Planning, Design, Delivery, and Evaluation
Innovative Mobility Services and Strategies to Consider the Needs of Individuals with Disabilities
Community Engagement – Particularly Engaging Individuals with Disabilities and Advocacy Groups
Content about Community Human Service Organizations that can Support Accessible Transportation
Other Content in your Program Coursework that Addresses Disability and Transportation Service

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* 3. Describe the Strategies that your Institution uses to Attract and Recruit Students with Disabilities into your program

  Our University Frequently uses this Recruitment Method Our University Sometimes uses this Recruitment Method Our University Rarely uses this Recruitment Method Our University Never uses this Recruitment Method Unsure
Collaboration with High School Programs 
Collaboration with Community Human Service and Disability Organizations
Use Resources from Professional Associations such as CTAA or APTA
Other Recruitment Methods

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* 4. Would you be Willing to Have a Conversation with NCMM about your Program

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* 5. Any Additional Information you Want to Provide Regarding either Your Program Content or Recruitment Strategies

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* 6. Please Identify and Provide Links to Any Related Resources or Course Materials to