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* 1. Employer Information:

During the 1987 Kansas Legislative Session, House Bill 2528 was passed. One aspect of the legislation speaks to Technical Education progam completers earnings and satisfaction of employers with the job skills of Technical Education student completers hired. Your time and consideration is appreciated in helping us to meet the intent of the legislation.

* 2. Student Name:

* 3. Student's Social Security Number:

* 4. The NCKTC graduate is employed:

* 5. What is your overall rating of the technical education received by this individual as it relates to the requirements of his or her job?

* 6. What is your overall rating of the preparedness of this individual?

* 7. Hourly earnings:

* 8. In your opinion, what is the job outlook for future NCKTC graduates in this particular occupational field?

* 9. Questions About Attitudes, Knowledge, Abilities

  Very Good Good Average Poor Very Poor
Graduate has the necessary technical knowledge to perform a job in the field.
Graduate has the necessary technical skills to do this job.
Graduate has developed the work attitudes and behaviors necessary for effectively performing the job: (attendance, punctuality, positive attitude, etc.)

* 10. Questions About General Education and Computer Skills

  Very Good Good Average Poor Very Poor
Graduate has adequate oral and written communication skills.
Graduate has adequate math calculation skills.
Graduate understands basic aspects of human behavior; can get along with others; can relate.
Graduate has necessary computer knowledge and skills.

* 11. General Comments: