* 1. Please provide the following information.

* 2. What year are you in training?

* 3. Please enter your training program name.

* 4. Please choose the category of advocacy activity.

* 5. Please describe your activity in 1-2 paragraphs.

* 6. How many CAP Fellows, General Residents, and medical students were involved?
How many individuals and/or organizations did you interact with?
How many hours did your project take to complete?
How much time did it take to prepare for your project?

* 7. How will you share the project with other AACAP members/trainees (e.g. ROCAP meeting, Advocacy Day, Assembly Meeting, Annual Meeting, etc.)?

* 8. How would you rate your satisfaction with your participation in this project?

* 9. What were the most and least satisfying aspects of this project/experience?

* 10. Please describe how your project/activity will impact children with mental illness.

* 11. How likely are you to participate in future AACAP advocacy activities, such as Advocacy Day, action alerts, and advocacy trainings?

* 12. Please add any comments to improve the AACAP Trainee Advocate Program, or any other questions/suggestions.