Submit Your Confidential Request for a Qualified Family Philanthropy Consultant

Thank you for contacting the National Center for Family Philanthropy regarding your interest in identifying a consultant for your philanthropy. Please fill out the following confidential questionnaire; your answers will help us identify appropriate consultant candidates for your family. Following receipt of your questionnaire, a member of NCFP’s staff will contact you regarding your request.

Please note that the National Center is not responsible for the actions or recommendations of the consultants it refers, and that we receive no direct compensation or payment for this referral. We strongly recommend that you interview each candidate that we refer individually to ensure that they are a proper fit for your needs. If you have any questions about this form, please feel free to contact Jason Born at 202.293.3424 or

* 1. Please provide your contact information.

* 2. Please indicate whether you are looking for someone to work with you on an ongoing basis, or for one or several discreet tasks.

* 3. Who do you expect will serve as the primary contact for the consultant's engagement with the foundation?

* 4. How many board and staff members do you currently have?

* 5. Which of the following types of activities do you expect the consultant to assist with and/or is your family currently dealing with? (select all that apply). Please review this list carefully, as your answers will help us determine who best to recommend.

* 6. Are you looking for any of the following particular characteristics in your choice of consultant (select all that apply)?

* 7. What fee schedule do you prefer (or are restricted to)?

* 8. Are you familiar with the National Center's Pursuit of Excellence board self-assessment tool?

* 9. What else can you tell us that will help us match you with an individual or consulting team most appropriate to your circumstances?