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This survey is part of a study being conducted by Rob Handfield, PhD, Professor of Supply Chain Management at North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management, to determine the impact of the film industry on North Carolina’s economy. We are conducting this survey in order to better demonstrate the impact of the film industry spending in the state on the state’s economy and jobs in the state, in an effort to help provide a true picture of economic impact of the film incentive’s impact on state revenues.

Please answer the following questions as accurately as you can, and provide an estimate even if you don’t have the exact numerical data. All of your information provided will be treated confidentially and will NOT be shared with any third parties, but will be combined with other responses to provide an aggregated picture of what the impact is on film spending in the state.

Questions about the survey? Contact Rob Handfield - robert_handfield@ncsu.edu or at (919) 515 4674.

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