Welcome. Please use this form to submit a 2016 Scholarship Expression of Interest.

In 2016 FRRR continues to support networking and professional development for the Community Foundation sector.

One way that FRRR delivers on this is through the provision of Scholarships that assist with travel and registration costs to the National Community Foundation Forum.

In 2016 FRRR is offering a limited number of partial and full scholarships. Priority will be given to Community Foundations who have greater travel costs. FRRR’s preference is to support only one representative from a Community Foundation, in order to share support across a larger number of Community Foundations.


·        Be an employee or Board member of a rural, regional or remote based Community Foundation in Australia.
·        Participate in the entire forum.


·        Applicants must demonstrate financial need – provision of audited financials and a current financial year-to-date profit and loss statement and balance sheet is required.
·        Applicants must demonstrate ability and their plans to share the learnings with their Board and leadership team.
Scholarship requests must be submitted on this form by the due date: Monday 1 August 2016.
Late requests will not be considered.

NOTE: Once you click on the DONE button at the bottom of this page, your request will be automatically submitted to FRRR. You can't save this form, so please read through beforehand and have everything ready to go when you start filling it out.

* 1. I am representing a Community Foundation based in rural, regional or remote Australia and will attend the 2016 National Community Foundations Forum in Full.

* 2. Which Community Foundation is this application to support?  (FRRR's preference is to consider only one scholarship per Foundation).

* 4. Who would utilise the Scholarship?

* 5. Who within the Community Foundation is a referee for the applicant ? NB Must be Chair or Secretary or Treasurer

* 6. Insert text/quote from referee outlining their support for the nominated applicant

* 7. How much in total do you estimate it will cost to travel to and from the 2016 National Community Foundations Forum? Please list itemised expenditure and cost each - indicate with a * if it is an item you request funds to cover.

* 8. What amount is being requested from FRRR in total to cover travel and/or forum registration? (Answer in whole $ only)

* 9. As the applicant, please outline the anticipated learning and professional development outcomes and how this will benefit you and your Foundation

* 10. Outline how you plan to share learnings from the 2016 National Community Foundations Forum with the wider Board and leadership team

* 11. Any other comments or information?
How many other delegates from your Foundation will attend the Forum?
Any other notes regarding your Foundation's financial situation?

* 12. I agree to
  • provide FRRR with a report back if successful in receiving a scholarship.
  • provide FRRR with evidence of financial need - I have emailed a copy of our Foundation's most recent Audited Financials and a Current Year to Date Profit and Loss statement and balance sheet to Sophie Burke at FRRR s.burke@frrr.org.au by the program's closing date Monday 1 August 2016.

THANK YOU FOR applying to receive a 2016 National Community Foundations Forum Scholarship.
An outcome will be communicated by the end of August 2016, if all supporting materials are submitted and no follow up is required.

Contact: Sophie Burke at FRRR for more information: freecall 1800 170 020 telephone 03 5430 2399 email s.burke@frrr.org.au

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