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* 1. The purpose of the North Central Florida Cancer Control Collaborative (NCFCCC) is to improve access to cancer care and reduce the burden of cancer on residents of North Central Florida. NCFCCC works to promote effective strategies for preventing and controlling cancer and providing support to cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers in our community.

To make the North Central Florida Cancer Control Collaborative (NCFCCC) the best it can be for the future, please fill out this short survey to help the NCFCCC determine the direction its members are most interested in.

(Contact information is optional -- fill out if you would like to receive more information about NCFCCC)

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* 2. The four goals of The Florida Department of Health's Cancer Plan are as follows:

Goal 1: A coordinated approach among public and private cancer control stakeholders to implement cancer activities statewide.

Goal 2: Floridians practice the healthy behaviors associated with prevention of cancer or to reduce risk.

Goal 3: Floridians have access to appropriate health information and effective health services for the timely detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.

Goal 4: Floridians affected by cancer are aware of and have access to quality, appropriate services for quality of life, palliative care, and survivorship.

Which goal(s) are you interested in working on?

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* 3. Which goal(s) are you/your organization working on?

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* 4. What can the North Central Florida Cancer Control Collaborative do in order to help you/your organization achieve those goals?