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Please read the following information carefully before submitting your application.

Expectations of Conduct
We hope all of our entertainers enjoy themselves just as we know our guests will enjoy your performance! Please inform all performers, staff, parents and chaperones that while dressed in any attire or conducting themselves as part of your group, they are to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectable and professional for both your organization and the Convention Center. Any actions outside of these parameters could result in exclusion of participation for this year and future years.

Rules and Regulations
Entertainers’ organization is responsible for the coordination and arrival times of their performers and to select a proper meetup location. Keep in mind that performers, their staff, parents or chaperones are not allowed entry without an admission ticket for any reason.

Green rooms and/or storage space for equipment or costumes are not available. Remember to keep all personal property and equipment out of public walkways and exits.

Entertainers must provide a signed copy of the Run of Show (provided upon scheduling your performance) to the Convention Center event manager no later than December 3, 2021. 

Audio Equipment Provided by the Convention Center
House sound system will be utilized throughout the entire NOLA ChristmasFest. Only the immediate performance area will be modified to accommodate entertainer’s music when performances are scheduled to take place. No outside speakers or sound systems are allowed.
A technician will be available prior to performance time in order to connect downloaded music from your device to the house sound system and demonstrate microphone.

Equipment to be Provided by Entertainer
It is the sole responsibility of the entertainer to ensure there is no disruption of music which will hinder timing of performance. Online music channels or videos are not allowed. We cannot guarantee the internet speed or connection of a personal device and therefore downloaded playlists are required. Music must be family-friendly and holiday-themed. The Names/Models of playlist devices to be used (cell phone, ipod, ipad, etc.) are required to be submitted to event manager no later than December 3rd.

Performance Area
Performance area is a non-padded 30’x30’ stage.
One company logo may be displayed on the media screen during time of performance. Arrangements for display of logo are required by December 3rd.

Entry Information

Complimentary entry tickets are available solely to performers and their staff. These are to be arranged prior to performance day and will be made available to your company’s on-site point of contact on the day of your performance. One staff ticket will be provided per 10 performers.

If prior arrangements for group tickets are not made, parents and chaperones are required to purchase full-priced admission tickets just as other guests at the counter. Please plan to arrive at least one hour prior to your scheduled meeting time to ensure time to purchase tickets and meet your point of contact. Parents and chaperones will not be permitted to skip the line or escorted to their group’s point of contact.

Marketing Materials & Giveaways by MCCNO

Flyers and other promotional materials, including the NOLA ChristmasFest website, will be utilized to promote the entertainer’s performance day and time. 

The Convention Center will not provide equipment or staff to distribute marketing materials.

Marketing Materials & Giveaways by Entertainer

Any and all marketing materials are only allowed within the designated performance area during the performance time.


Convenient parking is available across from the NOLA ChristmasFest entrance near Hall H of the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.