Thank you for your interest in joining NCD Child’s Youth Voices Connect (YVC). Youth Voices Connect (YVC) is an action-oriented online Facebook group, connecting young advocates interested in the prevention and management of non-communicable diseases* (NCDs) in young people.  The YVC will share upcoming opportunities (ie, events, trainings, online consultations), new resources, and current news with its membership. It will also serve as a forum for open dialogue among its young members. 

To confirm your participation in the Youth Voices group, please complete this brief survey and click the link below to become an official member of the Youth Voices Connect group.  If you have any questions, contact the NCD Child Secretariat at Thank you!

Link to become an official member:
* NCDs are conditions that not passed on from person to person and are often of long duration, such as cancer, diabetes, or asthma.  For additional information, please visit