1. Quick Survey About NCDD 2012 in Seattle!

We're thrilled to tell you that we already have an exciting potential venue in Seattle, Washington for the 2012 NCDD national conference! We'd like your help deciding what dates might work best for those of you who may want to attend.

* 1. First, please share your name and email so we can keep you updated on the 2012 conference!

* 2. Where are you based in relation to Seattle?

* 3. One possible range of dates for a 3-day NCDD conference is Monday, October 8 through Thursday, October 11, though October 8th is Columbus Day, a national holiday. What is your OPINION about those dates?

* 4. And what about YOUR availability on Columbus Day 2012 (Monday, October 8th)?

* 5. In general, what days of the week work best for you for multi-day conferences?

* 6. What's your "Day Job"? This will give us a sense of how timing could influence various types of potential attendees.

* 7. If you think your schedule constraints are typical for people in your profession, please let us know so we can better understand our community's needs.

* 8. Do you have any other schedule constraints in October of 2012 you'd like us to know about?

* 9. Do you think you might be interested in volunteering for a role on the conference planning team once we get the ball rolling?

* 10. If you have any additional feedback or ideas at this time, please share them here.

Thanks so much for providing us with your feedback! We'll be sure to let you know where and when the conference will be held as soon as a decision is made.

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