NCBDC Nomination Form

Nomination and Selection Timeline

The Council will solicit nominations annually, develop a slate of candidates, and select Council members to fill vacant voting positions.

Elections will be held each year at the annual meeting. Terms of newly elected individuals will begin effective on the date of election or appointment.


Nomination Process and Candidate Selection  

A call for nominations will be distributed to all qualified individuals. The call for nominations will include each vacant Council position's job description and qualifications. Any individual may submit a nomination. Self-nominations are accepted. Members of the Council, members of the Board, and the Institute’s staff may actively assist the Nominating Committee to recruit and encourage nominations of qualified individuals.

The Nominating Committee will initially review all nominations to determine if the nominated individuals meet the basic requirements for the vacant Council position(s) (such as required CPBD credentials). The nominations of all qualified individuals will be sent to the Nominations Committee for review.
In reviewing qualified nominations, the Committee will consider:

  • The required qualifications for the vacant positions;
  • The nominee’s ability to devote the time necessary to Council service;
  • The nominee’s previous volunteer service to the Council as a committee member, item writer/reviewer, or other roles;
  • The needs and composition of the current Council;
  • The nominee’s ability to work productively as part of a volunteer group;
  • The diversity of the Council includes relevant factors such as geographic location, firm size, areas of discipline, years of experience, and markets served.

As needed, the Nominating Committee may request additional information from nominees and/or may schedule telephone/virtual interviews with nominees.

Before being placed on the final slate of recommended nominees, each nominee will be contacted to verify that he/she:

  • Understands the requirements and responsibilities associated with the position;
  • Understands the time commitment and length of the term associated with the position;
  • Is willing and able to serve in the position if elected.
The Nominating Committee will prepare a slate of recommended qualified nominees and send the ballot to the Council for a vote.