You must screen, even if you are vaccinated, before beginning work on behalf of Oxford County and/or before entering an Oxford County facility.

Employees: Screening must be completed at minimum daily.  This includes before entering the workplace for even a moment, driving a County vehicle or conducting any work duties outside the home.  Employees working strictly from home are not required to complete the daily screening.

Visitors/Contractors: Essential visitors, contractors and service providers must complete screening before entering a County premises or facility.  Select "Visitor / Contractor (Essential)" from the drop down menu.

Emergency services: Screening is not required for emergency services or first responders entering a workplace for emergency purposes or some health care settings (i.e. long-term care homes) where existing screening requirements and tools are already in place.

The questions in this screening tool have been defined by the Ministry of Health. It cannot diagnose you. If you have medical questions, consult a health care provider and always follow the direction of your local public health unit over the advice in this tool.

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