Participant Survey

The mission of the Toledo Police Department is “To enhance the quality of life in the City of Toledo by working in partnerships with the community to preserve life, enforce the law, provide quality services, reduce the fear of crime and to promote joint problem solving for safe, secure neighborhoods.” The following questionnaire will ask you some basic questions about yourself, questions about the Toledo Police Department, and about the city of Toledo. Your participation will be kept confidential, and you may stop at any time if you feel uncomfortable. At the end of the survey, there is a question where you may speak openly about any concerns you have, or anything not addressed in the survey itself. We appreciate your time and participation.

* 1. Current Age?

* 2. Zip Code: 

* 3. What is your sex?

* 4. What is your race and/or ethnicity? [Check all that apply]

* 5. What was the last grade of school you completed?

* 6. Do you own or rent the place in which you reside?

* 7. How long have you lived in the city of Toledo?

* 8. In what country were you born?

* 9. What is your current employment status?

* 10. How satisfied are you with the police services in Toledo?

* 11. Please detail why you are or are not satisfied with police services in Toledo.

* 12. How fair do you think the Toledo police are in their dealings with people?

* 13. How would you rate the relationship between the Toledo Police and the community?

* 14. Do you think that a formal complaint filed against a Toledo Police officer will be taken seriously?

* 15. If you answered “Maybe/It depends” or “No,” please detail.

* 16. Please rate your level of confidence in Toledo Police. [Gallup Poll question]

* 17. Thinking about your interactions with Toledo Police within the past 12 months, do you feel your experience(s) were worse than, the same as, or better than people of other races/ethnicities?

* 18. How can Toledo Police officers better earn your trust?

* 19. How satisfied are you with the response time of police officers to a crime in progress?

* 20. When you see Toledo police officers patrolling your neighborhood (e.g. patrolling on foot, bicycle, or vehicle) when not responding to crime, how does that make you feel? [Check all that apply.]

* 21. How safe do you feel in your neighborhood during daytime hours?

* 22. How safe do you feel in your neighborhood during evening hours?

* 23. Do you feel that the level of crime in your neighborhood has __________?

* 24. What concerns you the most in your neighborhood? [Check all that apply.]

* 25. What was the nature of the contact with the Toledo Police?

* 26. Please state your level of agreement with the following statement: I would support having cameras in Toledo neighborhoods to record all activities of possible crime.

* 27. How familiar are you with your neighborhood association? (Definition: A block watch or other group that represents your neighborhood.)

* 28. How would you describe your neighborhood in terms of raising children?

* 29. Please comment on why you feel this way (from Question #27).

* 30. In your opinion, how large of a problem are drug sales and/or drug use in your neighborhood?

* 31. In your opinion, how large of a problem is burglary in your neighborhood?

* 32. In your opinion, how large of a problem is vandalism and/or graffiti in your neighborhood?

* 33. In your opinion, how large of a problem are cars or pedestrians with loud radios in your neighborhood?

* 34. In your opinion, how large of a problem is juvenile crime (menacing and unruly juveniles) in your neighborhood?

* 35. In your opinion, how large of a problem is gun violence in your neighborhood?

* 36. Please specify the ways you have used the Toledo Police Department’s website. [Check all that apply.]

* 37. What would be the best way for the City of Toledo to pass out important information? [Check all that apply.]

* 38. Community diversity refers to people of different ethnic and racial backgrounds, religions, values, and sexual orientations living together in one community. Compared to three years ago, how do you think the people who live in Toledo feel about diversity?

* 39. Are there any other comments that you would like to share?

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50% of survey complete.