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Well done on taking the first step towards joining Mood Active!

To start your program, please read the following information and provide your consent before continuing to the registration survey. The survey itself is estimated to take 15 minutes, and will ask questions about your mental and physical health and your current mood and exercise habits.

Mood Active is a charity and a mental health community service provider. We aim to run affordable educational and motivational exercise programs to help improve mental health. As a result, we receive funding from charitable partners and in return we agree to provide specific services to you and to collect and share your feedback anonymously on our programs. If we do not satisfy this requirement, we may not receive ongoing funding. With this in mind we ask that as a participant of Mood Active, you agree to the following:
  1. To complete all required surveys - at minimum this includes the current registration survey, a post-program survey, and a 3 month follow up survey.
  2. Give us permission to collect this and subsequent survey information and store this in a secure database for the purpose of assisting you in achieving your goals. This information will only be shared with authorised personnel including trainers.
  3. Give us permission to share your mood and fitness scores anonymously with our funding partner and on annual reporting, and improving the program. All your information is de-identified, and your individual responses are STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. The data collected from these surveys is then aggregated to look at patterns and themes and is critical in ensuring that we are able to continue to run our programs.
  4. Participate in light to moderate exercise classes for at least 30 minutes.
  5. Inform our trainers before each session starts if you have any particular medical conditions or injuries that may limit your participation or effect your safety. This includes any changes while participating in the program.

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* Do you acknowledge, understand and agree to the conditions above?

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* If you are under 18, please have your parent or guardian fill in this survey with you and provide their full name, email address and mobile number. 
In doing so, they confirm that-
The information they provide regarding their child’s health is correct, to the best of their knowledge
They will inform the Registered Exercise Professional of any changes to their child’s health immediately
They have been informed and understand the service that is to be provided and give permission for their child to commence the exercise program