The purpose of this survey is to gather public input on the NC 107 corridor through the Town of Sylva, NC. A corridor study is being conducted by the Southwestern Rural Planning Organization in conjunction with the Town of Sylva, Jackson County, and the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

All questions in the survey pertain ONLY to the section of NC 107 which lies within the Town of Sylva. This section extends from the intersection with US 23 Business (Bogart's, Rite Aid, and Kel-Save), to the area around the intersection with NC 116 (by Ingles, Smoky Mountain High School, and Fairview Elementary).

* 1. What are your primary reasons for traveling on NC 107? (check the top 3)

* 2. Please rate the flow of traffic on NC 107

* 3. Please indicate the level of safety you feel when driving on NC 107

* 4. Please indicate the level of safety you feel, or would feel, walking on NC 107's sidewalk

* 5. Please indicate the level of safety you feel, or would feel, when biking on NC 107

* 6. Do you use public transportation to travel on NC 107?

* 7. Are there alternate routes, other than NC 107, to your primary destination?

* 8. Why do you choose to travel on NC 107, rather than other routes? (Check the top 2 reasons)

* 9. Do you avoid NC 107 because of traffic congestion?

* 10. Do you travel on NC 107 primarily during the morning and afternoon rush hours?

* 11. How do you rank congestion on NC 107?