Thank you for taking the time to prayerfully consider supporting Supper House!
(Even if you are unable to support Supper House at this time, please complete the survey below.)

**Support opportunities include: 

1. Sponsor a Night at Supper House
Sponsorship includes a $250 donation to cover the cost of the meal and 10-12 volunteers to serve the meal. If you are unable to sponsor a meal independently, but would still like to support Supper House in this manner, please comment below. We will work with you to partner your church with another one in the community to cover the night. 

2. Monetary Donation
Join our team of donors who give as they are able. Together, these donations are used to cover meals that were not sponsored. 

3. Other
If you have another idea of how you can support Supper House, we would love to connect with you!