Do you unit test, use MVVM, or use dependency injection?

* 1. Do you currently unit test your Windows Phone 7 Applications?

* 2. If you don't test your Windows Phone 7 applications, please indiciate why not.

* 3. If you do perform testing what types do you do?

* 4. patterns & practices is currently working to make the testing of Windows Phone 7 code much easier. If you were provided reusable interfaces, fakes, and other testing assest that made testing easier and faster to code, would you take advantage of these assets and start testing your Windows Phone 7 applications?

* 5. Do you use the MVVM pattern in your Windows Phone 7 applications?

* 6. Do you inject your dependencies or create them inside your code-behind files and/or view models?

* 7. Many of the Windows Phone 7 API's are accessed using static classes. Do you wrap these static classes to make them more testable or just use the static class in your code-behind or view model.

* 8. If you us a dependency injection container, which one are you using?

* 9. Would you be interested in Windows Phone 7 Guidance from patterns & practices on any of the following items?

* 10. Please provide any additional feedback or guidance requests related to testing, MVVM, dependency injection, or other Windows Phone 7 programming topics.