* 1. Did you use Blackboard Learn for accessing course material this term?

* 2. On a scale of one through ten, how easy was it to start the process and place reserve requests?

* 3. On a scale of one through ten, how easy was it to find your reserves after they were processed?

* 4. Did you find statistical information available on reserves usage useful?

* 5. Did you use the tagging feature?

* 6. What did you like most about the system?

* 7. What did you like least about the system?

* 8. What could be changed to make the system better?

* 9. Reserve requests are processed in order of receipt and it is suggested that requests are submitted at least two weeks before they are needed. Were your materials processed in time?

* 10. Did you attend a training session for the reserves system?

* 11. What type of training session did you attend?

* 12. How could we improve the training process?

* 13. Did you find the video/pfd helpful?

* 14. What, if anything, would you like added to the training regimen?

* 15. On a scale of one through ten, how would you rate the new reserve system overall?

* 16. Are you aware of Drexel University Libraries' Fair Use Policy?

* 17. Do you consider the Libraries' Fair Use Policy to be clear?

* 18. May we contact you to answer follow up questions regarding Ares?

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