MUAA National Board of Directors April Conference Survey

Thank you for participating in the MUAA National Board of Directors Virtual April Conference.  We enjoyed connecting with you and appreciate your support of Marquette. As we plan future conferences, your feedback helps ensure we offer valuable and relevant content. Please note all responses are anonymous.

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* 1. How would you rate the following conference sessions?

  Not valuable at all Somewhat valuable Neutral Valuable Very Valuable
Feedback Session and Updates from the Office of Economic Engagement with Dr. Maura Donovan
MUAA Strategic Plan Progress to Date with Sarah Burkhart and Rachelle Shurn

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* 2. During "The Power of Partnership" presentation, Dr. Maura Donovan solicited the Board for feedback. Please share ideas/suggestions on the following:

How can the Office of Economic Engagement work most effectively with the Alumni Association?

How can we increase connections between companies and organizations (national level) and Marquette?

What are examples of collaboration models that you think we should consider?

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* 3. How would you rate your overall National Board Spring Conference virtual experience?

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* 4. Please share any additional thoughts or suggestions for in-person or/and virtual meetings.