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* 1. Do you or have you ever owned a push lawn mower?

* 2. How important is (or was) it to you that you keep your push lawn mower protected from the elements (rain, snow, wind)?

* 3. How do you (or did you) store it?

* 4. Is storing your push lawn mower an inconvenience to you?

* 5. What is inconvenient about it?

* 6. Would you consider purchasing a cover for your push lawn mower, much like the device you would use to cover your BBQ unit?

* 7. What would you consider to be the biggest reason why you would NOT purchase a cover for your lawn mower?

* 8. How much would you be willing or expect to pay for a push lawn mower cover?

* 9. Where would you go to find a push lawn mower cover?

* 10. If a lawn mower cover meant you would not have to move or store your lawn mower in a shed or garage, how important would that be to you?

  Not important Somewhat important Extremely important