* 1. To the best of your knowledge, which of the following groups belonging to other faith traditions are present in your local community? (Check ALL that apply.)

* 2. Are you aware of anyone in your congregation who is married to someone of a non-Christian faith or has another close relative in a non-Christian faith? (Include known family members of other faith traditions who do not participate in the life of your congregation as well as those of other faith traditions who do participate.)

* 3. In your personal opinion, how important is it for Christians to learn about other faith traditions?

* 4. Have any of the following issues or events greatly shaped your personal opinion about other faith traditions? (Check ALL that apply.)

* 5. Within the past two years have you (check ALL that apply):

* 6. If you have participated in interfaith activities, what impact has that had on you?

* 7. Has interfaith activity or programming resulted in any kind of conflict within your congregation?

* 8. If you answered "yes" to question #7, please explain the conflict.

* 9. What is the zip code where you live?

* 10. Please use this space to offer any additional comments.

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