1. 2017 T&G Attendee Registration

Thank you for choosing the Turf & Grounds Exposition On-line Registration. Your information will be transmitted via a SSL secure connection. Your credit card will not be immediately charged, we will review the registration in our office prior to charging to make sure all your information is correct and the form is completed properly. This registration is eight pages long, with the first primary information page, then up to six attendee registrations available, and finally the payment page. This on-line registration can only be used if you are paying with a credit card or po/voucher. All others please go to www.nysta.org or contact our office at 518-783-1229 for more information.

If you would like to register more than six people you can contact our office directly or simply fill out additional on-line registrations to get your complete attendee list registered.

TRADE SHOW ADMITTANCE Policy - Any sales/manufacturing attendee not representing a paid booth will be required to purchase a 1-Day or 2-Day pass.

Thank you and see you at the show.

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