1. Instructions

This is your ballot for selecting 2011 NBCA Coaches of the Year and a 2011 NBCA Person of the Year.

Each baseball program is entitled to one vote in each category for which that program fielded a team in 2011, with the vote to be cast by the program's head coach in that category.

For example, if a particular Class B Legion program had both a Senior Legion and a Junior Legion team, the Seniors coach would vote in the Class B Senior Legion category and the Juniors head coach would vote in the Class B Junior Legion category.

Coaches may vote in multiple categories in which they served as head coaches. For example, if you were the head coach of both a Class A Spring Varsity team and a Class A Senior Legion team, you may vote for one candidate in each of those categories.

All head coaches in any category (including Reserves or Freshman) may also vote for a Coach of the Year in the College / University category and may vote for a Person of the Year.

Please note that you may choose to vote for individuals who have already been nominated or for a "write-in" candidate of your choice.

After filling out the identification information on the following page, please use the "Next" button to navigate to the ballot page for the category or categories in which you will vote. Click "Done" on the final page to submit your ballot.

Thank you.