This survey is open to members of the MandE NEWS emailing list and the users of the MandE NEWS website.

It has been designed for use by people whose organisation uses the Logical Framework. It is not oriented towards the needs of consultants or students.

The survey has been organised by Rick Davies, editor of MandE NEWS, at

The cumulative results are immediately available to all those who complete the survey. Follow the link on the last page. Note that you can search and filter the results, and that you can download a copy of the dataset

More information on the use of the Logical Framework is available at

* 1. Does your organisation use the Logical Framework?

* 2. How long has your organisation used the Logical Framework?

* 3. How often do you tend to revise the contents of the Logical Framework(s) that you use? (content = text and numbers inside the cells of the Logical Framework)

* 4. If you dont change it, is this because:

* 5. What proportion of the problems that people have with the Logical Framework do you think arise because of:

* 6. What changes have you made to the structure of the Logical Framework, in order to make it more suitable for use by your organisation? (structure = names of the columns and rows, and the number of these rows and columns)

* 7. What sort of changes would you like to see made to the structure of the Logical Framework that you use, in future? (structure = the names of columns and rows, and numbers of these)

* 8. What is the best version of the Logical Framework that you have ever seen in use? Name the organisation and their website, if possible

* 9. What is the best alternative that you have seen to the Logical Framework? If you can, name the method, and an organisation using that method.

* 10. Overall, how satisfied are you with your organisation's use of the Logical Framework? Use 100 points to indicate how much each of the options apply

* 11. How many people work in your organisation?

* 12. How many countries does your organisation work in?